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I love Lillix!!! I think they are an awesome and kick-ass chick band!!! A lot of people don't like them..And I do NOT understand why!! They are like, just as good as The Eyeliners, and like x100 better than Halo Friendlies!! (But totally different of course!! LOL!!) I love Chick bands. chick bands are my weakness. I think chicks that sing and play their own instruments are totally hot and sexy beyond belief! my fave songs by Lillix are "Dirty Sunshine", "Sick", "Quicksand", and "It's About Time"! I also LOVE "Tommorrow" but I especially love the version in the video..which is different AND better than the version on the CD..why is that?? does any one know?? and where can I find this version of the song..because I cannot seem to find it on CD single. Anyways, I am also a HUGE Simple Plan if u share any interests with me..please feel free to add me..and I will add u back!! (just don't add me if you're a majorly huge Good Charlotte fan...because I cannot STAND GC!!) oh, and don't try to say that GC and SP are similar..because they are not...comparing Simple Plan to Good Charlotte is like comparing Pepsi to Coke (GC being Pepsi and SP being coke)..coke is WAY better!! LoL. I just thought i should share that!! ^_^ But anyways...if you'd like to add me to your friends list..just add me and comment and I will add u back!!! ttyl!!! BYE!!! ^_~


AIM: xDrEaMs on FirEx
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